How to write a workshop testimonial

How to write a workshop testimonial and help us expand Osho’s work in the UK

Some suggestions of how to write an effective workshop testimonial.

We all value and seek out recommendations,  so testimonials are very important.

Consider including any or all of these in your testimonial:

  1. What was the need that made you go to the workshop?  
  2. What was the most valuable thing you got from it? How was your life different afterwards?
  3. What fears or concerns did you have before the workshop started, and did what you feared happen?
  4. Personal anecdotes?
  5. What did you most appreciate about Aneesha and the way she works?
  6. Anything else which might inspire people to try it for themselves!

>>> It doesn’t need to be long ! but can be if you like!

>>> Feel free to ignore all the above and write whatever comes!

Please say how you would like to be credited. It’s good to include your first name (or your initials), your occupation, age if you like, and location (city/country). If you optionally wish to additionally send a full-face photo, even better.