Visit the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune (Poona)

We strongly recommend a visit, the longer the better, to the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune (aka Poona), India. It is a unique and wonderful place, set up and designed by Osho to support the deepest inward search, in an atmosphere of love and aliveness.

We used to have a travel-to-Pune page but that is superceded by these two pages on

General information on travelling to the Osho Resort and Staying in Pune and the Osho Resort

However, we do note that

(1) you can now get visas for India here in Bristol

(2) Consider flying to Pune.  The road and rail journeys from Mumbai to Pune are OK but not wonderfully enjoyable. If you are flying, then it’s worth looking at flights via Delhi as well as via Pune.

(3) The Osho Resort in Pune is not very very cheap. We guarantee that no person and no organisation is getting rich from this! Prices in Koregaon Park / Pune are high for local middle class people as well,  and the costs of running a really high-quality Western-standard venue in the middle of India are high. Believe me, no-one is profiteering from meditation.