Short list of resources

Brief resources for Osho meditation in the UK

Osho meditation CDs (ie the music for Dynamic, Kundalini, etc), books, other music CDs, Osho discourses and much else are available from Osho Purnima at

Osho Leela below also and a (lesser) range of CDs.

Meditation: The first and last freedom by Osho

is an excellent book on meditation, with instructions of all the best-known Osho meditations and long quotes from Osho’s discourses.

Osho has written hundreds of books, transcribed from his discourses.  It’s impossible to pick one, but if I had to, as an introduction my favourite is  Nirvana, the last nightmare.

All Osho’s books are available to browse free on the internet, at

You have to pay to download the full book, but it is free to read every word that Osho ever spoke. There is an excellent search facility. This is an amazing, amazing resource.

The largest centre running Osho meditations is Osho Leela,

They run frequent Osho meditation weekends and 4-day retreats. They are a very alive bunch of people, and their celebration weekends and festivals are a lot of fun, though not in themselves always Osho meditation.

All other UK links can be found via Osho in the UK at

This has the same information as the old site, no longer in use:

The nearest Osho centre I can unhesiatingly recommend as 100% tuned to Osho is Osho Risk in Denmark,

Don’t assume that you will never want to visit the wonderful Osho Meditation Resort in India!

For travel and practical details, see the Osho Meditation Resort page on this blog.

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