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We would like to be at the top of Google for searches like “meditation Bristol”. For this, it is helpful if you would be kind enough to upload a review, which means, a few words about Osho Meditations. Reviews are very, VERY useful to keep this website on the top page of Google. It is quick and simple.

You can find the Google Place page in two ways. Either google “hypnotherapy Bristol” and then click on the “place page” link at the side of my listing. Or the following link should take you there direct:

Osho Meditation Bristol Google Place Page

You need to have a Google account to make a review. It you don’t have one it is quick and easy to get one. (Or google “Google accounts”).

Quite likely, you would like the review to be anonymous. When you make a review, you will be asked to create a Google Places nickname. People reading your review can then see other reviews made under that nickname, but everything else is anonymous – for example, they can’t see your email, your name, or if you have a Google profile, your profile. So your reviews are anonymous. [Only if you specifically invite named individual friends to see your Places reviews, then those friends can see your profile from your nickname. See “start rating” on In that unlikely event you’d need a new free email address and a new Google account.]

A review¬† certainly doesn’t have to be about our classes, you can write generally about your experience of Osho Active Meditations.¬† It only needs to be short – just write what is spontaneous. If you are moved to write more, then adding more details is useful as it convinces Google the review is real.