Meditation retreat with Arun, Croydon Hall

Arun is a highly-regarded Nepali meditation teacher who was close to Osho right from the earliest days of Osho’s teaching. He leads very good meditation retreats (sometimes referred to as “camps”, which was the word Osho used.) He is especially good if you are interested not just in Osho’s meditation techniques, but in Osho’s wider teachings for those on the path.

PLEASE CHECK start and end times with Croydon Hall

Osho Celebration Croydon Hall

Osho Celebrations at Croydon Hall are a mixture of Osho meditations, some with live music by Presence,  lighthearted miniworkshops, and just hanging out and enjoying the gardens, the people and the food.

You can come for just part of the time.

The first meditation is normally around 4 or 5 pm on the first day, finishing at a similar time on the last day. But PLEASE CHECK  start and end times with Croydon Hall.

Path of Love Rafia + Turiya Croydon Hall

If you’ve never heard of the Path of Love, this is one of the most famous forms of therapy for meditation. It’s a big deal that it is happening in the UK, and not just once but twice this year, and not just anywhere in the UK, but at Croydon Hall.  In the strictest sense it is not an Osho event, but it’s too significant to miss off the list.


Croydon Hall

Path of Love website

Next day of meditation with live music Saturday June 12 2010

The first live meditation day was wonderful! We plan to run them regularly. The next is on June 12th.

>>> When: Saturday Jun 12th 2010. Starting time is 9:45 for a prompt 10:00 start. (Doors will be open much earlier.)  We need to lock the doors when we start, so if you really can’t arrive by 9:45, please ring me beforehand. [See “Contact and About”]

>>> We will finish by 5:30

>>> Where: St Michael’s Hall, St Michaels Hill, Bristol, BS2 8BE (near Bristol Royal Infirmary.)
For a map see:

On this map, the entrance (people and cars) is by the letter “P” in “Park Ln”. There is free parking in the school grounds. Coming down Whiteladies Road > Park Row, turn left into Lower Church Lane, then left into Old Park Hill. Coming down St Michael’s Hill, turn right into Lower Church Lane, then Old Park Hill.

>>> Cost is £35. There is no early-bird discount.

>>> Please bring: packed lunch; a cushion to sit on;  a shawl or light blanket; and optionally a blindfold.

>>> If you’ve not been before, as well as stillness and silent sitting, Osho meditations involve movement and dance, so you need to wear loose comfortable clothes.