New high security Gateless Gate

Here’s a picture of the new high-tech front gate of the Meditation resort. It replaces the 30-odd year old entrance made from heavy folding timber which Osho famously termed the “Gateless Gate,” in reference to a classic collection of Zen koans of the same name.

The new entrance to the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune
The new entrance to the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune

With hightened security following the German Bakery explosion last year, the austere zen-aesthetic design features a metal detector and a security railing  around the receptionist/guard’s desk.

German Bakery “terror mastermind” arrested

Last year I was in Pune at the time of the shocking terrorist attack on the German Bakery cafe, a few hundred yards away from the Meditation Resort,  which killed 17 people and injured 56.

Initially,  numerous Indian police agencies (city police, city anti-terror squad, state police, state anti-terror police, national anti-terror police, national Central Bureau of Investigation … ) claimed to have identified the bombers. In Keystone Cops fashion, they all claimed someone different. It looked like the outcome would be the familiar Indian police “we have completely solved the case, regretfully all the culprits have absconded to Dubai.”

Now however, the Anti-Terror Squad have arrested a highly credible suspect.  Mirza Himayat Inayat Baig was arrested on September 7, at Mahatma Gandhi Bus stand in the Camp area of the city [ie near MG Road.] He is being described by police as the mastermind of the plot, and this seems believable. Baig has apparently been linked to the mobile phone used to detonate the device, had false identity papers in his possession, lived under false names, and is claimed used 25 email identities to contact other members of the gang. He is alleged to be linked to the banned group Indian Mujahideen, regarded by police as responsible for other blasts in Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi. The “chargesheet” against him runs to more than 2000 pages.

The German Bakery itself is set to re-open around Christmas. There will be no pavement seating, as this was “encroached” on public land. Instead there will be a seating area upstairs. It sounds like it will be a lot posher than it used to be.

My guess it that the Resort managment would probably be happy if it hadn’t re-opened at all, as they regarded it as a magnet for  drug dealers and unsavoury types  (I agree!). They may perhaps be happier if it opens in a more up-market format.

Full version of the 29 Nov newsletter quote

This is the full version of the quotation in the newsletter. I think people prefer shortish email, so I didn’t want to put the full quote in the newsletter:

Life is a great challenge, an adventure into the unknown, an adventure into oneself, and adventure into that which is. If you live an unconscious life, if you simply exist, you will always remain afraid of death. Death will always be just somewhere near the comer, hanging around you. Only life goes beyond death.

Existence comes, disappears. It is given to you, taken away. It is a wave in the ocean… arises, falls back, disappears.

But life is eternal. Once you have it, you have it forever. Life knows no death. Life is not afraid of death. Once you know what life is, death disappears.

If you are still afraid of death, know well — you have not known life yet.

Death exists only in the ignorance — in the ignorance of what life is. One goes on living. One goes on moving from one moment to another, from one action to another, completely unaware what one is doing, why one is doing, why one is drifting from this point to that point.

If you become a little meditative, many times in a day you will catch hold of yourself completely drifting unconscious.

The whole effort of religion is to make you aware of your existence.

Existence plus awareness is life eternal — what Jesus calls life in abundance, what Jesus calls the kingdom of god.

That kingdom of god is within you. You have already the seed within you. You just have to allow it to sprout. You have to allow it to come in the sunlit world of the sky, to become free, to move in freedom, to move higher and higher, to touch the very infinity. It is possible to soar high — but the basic thing is awareness.

Osho Nirvanva, the Last Nightmare.

Poetry evening with Tanmayo

Here is an invitation from Tanmayo for those interested in poetry to come together for an evening of readings and communion. He writes:-

For a number of years I have been putting words together and tentatively
called them poetry.

Whilst most of this has been private I have read some to friends and
have been encouraged by their responses.

I also find that I am not alone is my “writing”

I now find myself drawn to be a bit more public and to be more open to
receiving feedback.

I thought about a creative writing class or going to an open mike
session and concluded that I would prefer,. at least as a start, to host
a space where I and others could read their own poetry.

If this was successful it could turn into a regular slot or grow into
something else.

I thought about just inviting local friends but decided in the interests
of spontaneity and trust to widen the invite list. I have also included
people who live in the south west outside Bristol.

So if you write or have written what you call poetry I am inviting you
to come for a couple of hours starting at 7pm on an evening in January to be arranged, to my home in Leigh Woods, Bristol and read out one or more poems you have written.

If this appeals to you give me a call or email to discuss coming.


Phone – 0117 974 3488 <>

December 11th – Meditation day AND Birthday celebration evening

Hi everyone,

This month we have on December 11th both an Active Meditation day and an Osho Birthday celebration in the evening. Wonderful to see you at both!

(1) The Active Meditation day. For practical details, see as always the Dates, times, location, parking, cost etc for all meditation days link. Questions? Ring me on 0117 968 7307 or email

As ever, the meditation day is almost guaranteed to make almost everyone feel a whole lot brighter, calmer, and more connected with their inner self.

(2) The Osho Birthday Celebration. This is organised by Shanti. Here is the invitation she’s emailed out – please say “Hello, and welcome to this wondrous life” to Indra, her very very new baby.

Osho birthday celebration in Bristol

When: December 11th 2010 7:30 – 10 pm

Where: Wild Goose Space, 228 Mina Road, Bristol BS2 9YP.  For a map of how to find the venue, see

Cost: £3-00.    If you come to the meditation day and pay the full price  of £22-50 [see practicals page ] then entry to the birthday celebration is FREE.

More information: Satyen 0794-4187055

Meditation day Nov 13, St Michael’s Hall

The next meditation day is Saturday Nov 13th, at St Michaels Hall. See the “Dates, times etc” link at the top left for practical details. This day will be run by Suvarna as I am away assisting in one of Moumina’s workshops.

As ever, Osho’s wonderful combination of emotional release, dance,
movement and silence is almost guaranteed to make almost everyone
feel really great. I’m even now still amazed how different I feel
after doing a day like this, and I’m sorry to be missing this
month. But have a great day, and I’ll see you in December.

Community, love and meditation (I) – “The Music of Life” with Presence

As the impresario who brings Presence to Bristol – as the Sergei Diaghilev who will one day book Presence into Colston Hall – as the veritable Lew Grade of Bristol meditation music – I’ve got news of some changes which I feel very excited about.

During 2010 we’ve had a couple of days of meditation in Bristol with live music by Presence. They were beautiful days; and yet, I felt they didn’t realise their full potential.

So I talked with Surabhi and Tarisha about doing something different. One thing we felt was missing was the need which all of us have for connection and community. After all, one of the things which make “the Osho method” unique is Osho’s emphasis on the interplay between love and meditation, between aliveness and stillness. We realised that Presence’s expression is about both love and meditation.

In the end we decided that the days with Presence (the next one, The Music of Life,  is Saturday October 23rd) need to be something more like a community gathering, and with an interplay between silence (Surabhi) and connection (Tarisha.)  Those of you who’ve been to celebrations at Croydon Hall may know the very soft and beautiful ceremonies which Tarisha often leads as the closing event.  Ceremonies like these will be her contribution to the Music of Life days: gentle but deep heart-centered connection.

The new format feels to me to have a big, big potential. We want it to really focus on meditation, and reconnect people with their inner journey. At the same time we want it to be something which non-meditators can relate to, so it will be easy to invite your friends. We want it to be a nourishment for all of us as meditators living in the marketplace. And your feedback will help shape the direction we go in.

The printed flyer reads:

Presence are a group of musicians with a passion and a gift for creating music for meditation and for bringing people together. This day will include both silent meditation and active/dancing Osho Meditations, as well as times to connect and share with one another. The live music will weave its way through all aspects of the day supporting both the silence, the coming together and the celebration. We offer a safe space to open up and try something new. Please bring food to share for lunch.”

So come along on Saturday October 23rd, and invite your friends! Bring food to share for lunch.

There is a special offer: only £40  if you do both the regular meditation day on Oct 9th and this day on Oct 23. (So if you pay £22-50 on Oct 9, then on Oct 23, you pay only £17-50.) Click here for location, cost, times,  etc

… my whole teaching consists of two words, “meditation” and “love.” Meditate so that you can feel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, you have learned the greatest thing in life. Osho

Introduction to Active Meditations Saturday Oct 9th

Hi everyone,

Just for this one day on Saturday  October 9th, we are returning to the “old” schedule with dynamic at 8:00 am sharp to 9:00 am (arrive by 7:45 sharp if not done it before or not very often).  The rest of the day will start at 9:30 sharp.

This will allow us to meet the needs of both regulars and people who are coming for the first time. The rest of the day will be basically similar to normal. EVERYONE old and new is very welcome.

For more about Active Meditations and for practical information, please see the links on the top left. Don’t hesitate to ring me with any questions, on 0117 968 7307 (which is where the permanent number, 0845-3510604, currently rings.)

Active meditation day SUNDAY Sept 5th

Please note new START time and new PRICING for the Sept 5th day. See:

I’ve had the phrase “making meditation the first priority” with me a lot recently. So here are some Osho quotes on that theme.

All excerpts (c) Osho International Foundation. You can download the complete discourse of the first 2 quotes inexpensively on – highly recommended.


I would like you to be more individual, more free, more alert, more conscious, more meditative. And these situations can be great opportunities for meditation. But if you get angry, freak out, start defending yourself, then please don’t ask such questions. I have no interest at all. Your relationship is your business.

My simple concern here is meditation. And this is very strange — rarely do you ask questions about meditation. That does not seem to be your main concern. To me, it is my ultimate concern, the only concern, and to you it seems not a priority — it is not the first item on your mind. Perhaps it may be the last thing on your laundry list, but certainly it is not the first; the first things are stupid things, trivia. You waste your time, you waste my time.

And I am ready even to help you to solve those problems just so that you can get rid of all this nonsense and have simple, loving relationships. But that will be possible only when meditation becomes your priority. Out of meditation, everything else will become graceful; you will be able to see deeply into your own acts, into your own behavior, and you will be able to have some compassion for the other person — his human frailty, the possibility of his committing mistakes.

Osho, The New Dawn, Chapter 12


One of the Sufis’ sayings is: if you take one step towards God, he takes one thousand steps towards you. But at least one step on your side is absolutely necessary. And your one step is far more important than the one thousand steps of God, because by “God” is not meant any person; by God is meant the intelligence of this whole universe, the consciousness of the whole universe.

You have a very small proportion of consciousness. Your one step is far bigger than the one thousand steps of God, because existence has infinite intelligence. So waiting alone won’t do. Just waiting is a state which is not alive; there has to be tremendous longing, a thirst from every pore of your being. Unless God becomes a question of your life and death, the meeting is not possible.

Almost everybody will be prepared to wait — that means on your laundry list, God is the last item, when you have done everything of the world. And that is not possible, even in eternity; something or other will be left undone. God has to be your first priority. It has to become a kind of haunting in your heart. Breathing in, breathing out, there has to be a rememberance: whatever you are doing is nonessential, and the essential part is to go deep down in meditation.

Osho, The Razor’s Edge, Chapter 12


So concentrate on meditation. Make it a point that this is the topmost priority in your life, everything else is secondary. I don’t say anything else to my sannyasins, all that I want them to do is to become meditators, and everything else follows of its own accord. Freedom comes, bliss comes, peace comes, celebration comes, virtue comes, transformation comes, and ultimately the experience of god.

Become an image of meditation, become meditation. Walk in meditation, sit in meditation, eat in meditation, sleep in meditation. Let the flavour of meditation spread all over your life — breathe in, breathe out, but meditation continues.

Meditation simply means an awareness of all that is happening. That which is happening outside — that is the outermost circle of your life. Then that which is being done by your body — that is the second concentric circle, closer to you. Then the third concentric circle is that which is done by your mind. And then the fourth is that which is done by your feelings and emotions. And within these four concentric circles is your centre, the fifth.

If you become aware of all that is going on, sooner or later you will become centred at the centre and you will be able to see the whole panorama, the whole drama of the outer world, of physical activity, of psychological activity, of emotional activity. And when you are able to see all this you become free of it because immediately you come to know that you are the seer, you are not the doer. That is the greatest revolution in life, when this shift happens, that you are no more a doer but just a seer, a witness. Than one becomes an image of meditation — a Buddha, a Christ, a Zarathustra.

(From a darshan diary – no audio available.)