OSHO copyright information

OSHO® is a registered Trademark of Osho International Foundation (“OIF”) in many countries. I’ve personally never doubted that Osho intended his name to be trademarked. I remember from long ago hearing the story of how he mentioned this to a very peaceful and innocent meditator working in his household (not one of the ashram managers). She was surprised and said something on the lines of “What! Like Coca-Cola!” And Osho said Yes, just like Coca-Cola.

Here are the trademarks: http://www.osho.com/trademarks and here are the copyrights: http://www.osho.com/copyrights

I assume his motive may well have included to protect his work from the distortions and misunderstandings of the un-enlightened mind.

Osho also separarely gave the right to use his name to a large number of individual therapists and meditation teachers who he had trust in. Osho was not, to say the least, logical and I assume he would not have given thought to the administrative contradictions that would arise from giving his name overall to the central administration, yet giving it separately to specific individuals. This situation did result in a big mess of arguments. As far as those individuals are con, if Osho trusted them so fully that he gave the use of his name to those people, that’s good enough for me. I can’t imagine how anyone in love and in meditation could contradict Osho’s own gift.