Osho Winter Festival – Living From The Heart – December 10 – 13, 2015

Osho WInter Festival 2015


The intention of the Osho Festival Living From the Heart is for sannyasins and other Osho lovers to come together for three days and create a microcosm of Osho’s vision of seekers of truth living together in celebration and silence, Zorba the Buddha.

Write a poem, sing a song, dance a dance, and see: you start becoming happy. That’s why in my commune creativity is going to be our prayer to God. [ … ] This commune is going to be a commune of artists, painters, poets, sculptors, dancers, musicians — and so many things are there to be done! The Book of Wisdom, Chapter #20

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Dates:  Three days, 5:00 Thursday evening, 10 December 2015 to afternoon Sunday 13 December 2015

Where: Osho Leela, Gillingham, Dorset

3 days £179.00 (dormitory)  Early Bird: £169.00 if paid 7 days in advance
2 days £139.00 (dormitory)  Early Bird: £129.00 if paid 7 days in advance
1 day entrance £49.00 (includes lunch and dinner)

Includes delicious vegetarian food.

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For all booking questions, including cost of upgrade to individual rooms, please contact Osho Leela Booking Office directly: 01747 821221 / info@osholeela.co.uk

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My commune is going to be of THIS world, and yet a opening for the other. It has to be rooted in the earth — in fact only when something is rooted in the earth can it grow unto the sky. A tree, to go high in the sky, to whisper with the winds, to dance with the sun, to have a dialogue with the stars, needs first to go deep down into the earth, has to spread its roots to the deepest layers of the earth. [ … ] My commune has to be magical.
Take It Easy, Vol 1, Chapter #12

If you would like to perform in the show: (first come first served): contact Prabuddho with details. Songs, poems, sketches are welcome – but we are limited to about 3-4 minutes each.

prabuddho1@gmail.com / 07799 407900

Other enquiries:
Prabuddho: prabuddho1@gmail.com 07799407900
Smaran smaran_1@yahoo.com / 01363 774660;
Mala planetclare@hotmail.com / 07528-586817

Together we are Osho Rebellious Spirit Events, running the festival in partnership with Osho Leela.

And remember the wonderful www.osho.com/library. For the cost of a cafe latte per month, extensive access to Osho’s words and videos. Very highly recommended.

Meditation and Workshop/Event Descriptions

Suvarna, Manu, Prabodh & Satyam
Mala & Prabuddho in full swing at the Ceilidh

Here are a few things that Osho says, and the programme he has inspired us to create.

Music comes closest to meditation. Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound … Music helps you from the outside to fall in tune with the inner. Music is a device; it was invented by the buddhas. …Listening to great music you suddenly become silent — with no effort. Falling in tune with the music you lose your ego with no effort.

… we have Satsang, Evening Meeting and Nataraj meditations with live music from our wonderful band, Sattva (Tarisha, Manu, Suvarna, Prabodh)

Osho’s Satsang meditation is a sitting meditation with music, silence, humming, and Osho’s words.

Osho’s Nataraj meditation is 40 minutes wild and total dance, 20 minutes silent lying down, 5 minutes dancing from the silence.

Osho’s Evening Meeting meditation, also called “White Robe” meditation, is 20 – 25 minutes of high energy music to dance to, rising to a peak; 15 minutes of music and silence, really a short form of the satsang meditation above; and 30 – 45 minutes listening to Osho talking.

My people are living as fun. That’s why I call it a circus, a carnival. It is not a marketplace. It is just a commune of people who have decided to enjoy life to its fullest, materially, spiritually, in every dimension.

… we have a Ceilidh dance with Yatro, Satyam and the band – more fun than is strictly legal under current English law – and a variety show and theatre workshop with Prabuddho (featuring YOUR 3 minute-turn? – contact Prabuddho above.)

Accept yourself, otherwise you will become a hypocrite. Don’t repress — nothing is negative in you. Existence is utterly positive. Express… manifest your hiddenmost core. Sing your song, and don’t be worried what it is.

… Satyam runs singing workshops that bring alive that metaphor so directly – this year bringing you Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Country Song
Gather your courage and sense of fun, sing your heart out, share the sounds, melt into the silences, allow the ocean of your life’s experience to be expressed in a single dewdrop…and write and perform your very own short country song alone, or together with friends.
“Never leave a rhinestone unturned.” Dolly Parton

Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary.
To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic…

… we’re delighted to have Madhuri joining us again this year. Drawing on her many years spent with Osho, she will be giving an introduction to newcomers and leading two fabulous workshops:

Ecstatic Shake
A rollicking, rousing, celebrative meditation based on the principle that bodies are naturally ecstatic. Working in threes, with music, we’ll use a gentle, easy, non-invasive technique to free up stuck places, and the sky’s the limit! The effect is like that of really wild sex, but you’re standing up with your clothes on! Wear something loose.

360 Titles
Osho has that many books published so far. We’re going to play with them – with partners, with pens and paper, in various ways using imagination, heart and awareness, to use them as tin-openers in our own lives. Not serious, but might surprise you.


Ramana Maharshi is right when he says that only one question is relevant: Who am I? Go on asking this question, let this question become a fire in you. Be aflame with it! Let every cell of your body and your being, and every fibre of your existence pulsate, vibrate with it. And let this question arise from the deepest core: Who am I? And go on asking; don’t accept any answer that is given by the mind.

… Smaran brings us Who Is In. This is a Western Zen partner exercise, taking turns at self-enquiry using exactly this question from Ramana Maharshi, “Tell me who you are”, or Osho’s version, “Tell me who is in”. This is one of the basic processes that Osho gave to nearly every meditator in the early days.

… we have Shiatsu with Rajan. This will be an opportunity to give and receive simple and deeply relaxing shiatsu techniques, mainly focussing on your partner’s back and shoulders.
Learning to use your body weight while palming your partner’s back, some rocking techniques to relax the whole body, and some simple stretches.

…Deva Shanti presents her incredible workshop, Who is Dancing? 

We will explore this Koan through the structure of “Who is In?” – first in it’s traditional form, then in gibberish, then in gesture and finally through movement.

I’d like to also offer an experience of the practice of Authentic movement, which is a sister practice to Latihan, with the added part of having an outside witness whilst you are moving/being moved by Existance blindfold.

We will also play with a meditation from the practice of Contact improvisation called “The Small dance” – which is the dance that is always going on in our bodies, even when we feel ourselves to be still. Growing it into movement explorations and then back to stillness.



…Prabuddho invites us all, newcomers and old hands to From Improv to Sketch – comedy theatre
We will warm up with fun, interactive games and simple, playful Improv comedy exercises – moving into a space where we are enjoying the moment. Later, when our creative juices are flowing, we will create comedy sketches together. There will be the opportunity to perform your sketch at the show on Saturday evening if you wish ! No previous experience is necessary – less is better!

When the lips are silent let your eyes be eloquent. Let their depth be filled with the language of your heart. … Whether you touch a branch of a tree or flower, whether you take somebody’s hand in yours. whether you receive somebody in your embrace, let the gestures stir and move the deepest recesses of your heart with the warmth of appreciation. Make every act of love a memorable one. Come out of yourself to receive life with both hands spread out in a gesture of wild joy and friendliness, in a gesture of understanding and welcome.

.. we finish with Yatro’s Heart Dance. Heart Dances are lighthearted and easy-to-learn circle dances, with constantly changing partners, to finish the festival with the eyes filled with the language of the heart, connecting with fellow meditators with the warmth of appreciation and hands spread in a gesture of joy and friendliness.

Yatro leading Heart Dance
Heart dance
Enjoying the dance

We’ve had a lot of fun putting the programme together and we extend the warmest welcome both to old friends and to newcomers.

Mala, Smaran and Prabuddho
Osho Rebelious Spirit Events



The workshops are fixed, but slight changes to the order are anticipated to fit with travel times.





7:00 – 8:00

  • Dynamic (Z)

  • Vipassana (S)

  • Dynamic (Z)

  • Yoga (S)

  • Dynamic with Osho (Z)

  • Vipassana – (S)

8:00 – 9:00




9:00 – 9:30

An introduction to Osho for newcomers with Madhuri (Z)

Second welcome and presentation meeting (Z)

Audio discourse (Z)

10:00 -11:00

Satsang with live music by Sattva (S)

Satsang with live music by Sattva (S)


Satsang with live music by Sattva (S)


Tea Break

Tea Break

Tea Break

11.30 – 1:00

  • Ecstatic Shake with Madhuri

  • Who is In with Smaran (Z)
  • Live Nataraj with Sattva (S)

  • Zen tangle Art with Mala (Z)

  • Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Country Song with Satyam (Z)

  • Nadhabrahma Meditation (S)

1:00 – 2.30





2.30 – 4.30

  • Who is Dancing? with Deva Shanti  (Z)

  • Shiatsu with Rajan (S)

  • From Improv to Sketch – comedy theatre with Prabuddho (S)

  • 360 Titles with Madhuri (Z)

Heart Dance
2:30 –

with Yatro and Satyam

then Closing Circle (S)

4.30 – 5:00

4pm Arrive

Tea Break

Tea Break

5:00 – 6:00  Kundalini (Z

Kundalini (Z)

Mahamudra (recorded music) (Z)





6.30 – 8:00

Evening Meeting with recorded music (S)

Evening Meeting with live music by Sattva (S)

Evening Meeting with live music by Sattva (S)

8:00 – 9:00





Opening Circle followed by Bar open and DJ

  • Ceilidh –  Ceilidh is the most fun legally possible under current English legislation
  • Sauna


  • SHOW

  • followed by Disco

IMPORTANT: For smooth running there will only be a limited number of slots for performers. Please let Prabuddho (above) know if you might like to perform. First come, first served.


Group rooms: Zorba (Z); Shankara (S)

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