Directions to Turpin’s Ride

Your satnav will NOT work for the last 100 yards … Please see helpful detail map here: Map and directions

On the day we will mark the Turpin’s Ride driveway in some clear way, but the opening is tricky to spot and the satnav will tell you the wrong side of the road. SEE DETAIL MAP BELOW.

The venue is half way between Amersham and Chalfont St Giles on the A 413, aka Amersham Road / London Road:
Turpins Ride, Amersham Road, Chalfont St Giles HP8 4RS

It is between Cokes Lane on the Amersham side and Bottom House Farm Lane on the Chalfont St Giles side.

Driving from Chalfont St Giles, after approx a mile or so you will come to Bottom House Farm Lane on your left (road name clearly visible.) Slow down as you approach this. Immediately after the Bottom House Farm Lane turning, on the same side of the road, is a bus stop. Turn left here, into the bus stop area. Turpin’s Ride is the driveway within the bus stop area about 5 metres or so past the pole of the bus stop.

This opening is fully within the marked bus stop area, and is the only such opening. There are no road markings indicating a driveway, and to enter it, you cross the unbroken 6-inch thick yellow line that marks the stop. To avoid doubt, you do not cross the broken white line or broken yellow line openings which are nearby. These are decoys .

If you drive past the bus stop in error you will see the Ivy House pub close ahead on your right, and can pull in there and reverse.

Driving from Amersham, after approx a mile or so you will pass on your right the light green sign for a council depot, then on the left at Cokes Lane a dark green sign for Harewood Downs Golf Course. Very soon on your left comes the Ivy House pub. When you see the pub, slow down. There is a bus stop just after the pub, immediately followed by a bus stop on the other side of the road. This second stop, on the right, is your destination. Turn right here. The Turpin’s ride opening is approx five metres closer to you than the pole of the bus stop.

The opening is fully within the bus stop area and is the only such opening. It is not marked as a driveway in the road markings. To avoid doubt, the nearby entrances marked with dashed white lines and dashed yellow lines are decoys; ignore them. You drive directly over the unbroken 6-inch yellow line within the bus stop.

If you drive past the bus stop in error, turn right into Bottom House Farm Lane and turn in the road.

If you miss completely in either direction, drive a mile or so either way to a friendly roundabout and do a U-turn.

At earlier points in the journey, some satnavs will bring you down single-track country roads.  If you wish to avoid this, enter any postcode in either local town as a via-point. For example, you could enter Amersham Tesco HP7 0HA

Phone numbers. Please check your confirmation email for a phone number we will check on the day. Please understand we will only switch this on between meditations.