Directions to DMAC / Coexist / Hamilton House


DMAC  is  located within Hamilton House, aka Coexist: DMAC UK, 4th Floor, Hamilton House/Coexist, 80, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY.  But to park free on a Sunday, see different postcode below.

This map is centred on the Sunday parking postcode. Hamilton House/Coexist is just above the top, St James Barton roundabout is just off the bottom. The M32 is to the right of the roundabout, continuing Bond St/Newfoundland St.

Walking. As you walk up Stokes Croft/A38 from the St James Barton roundabout in the city centre, Hamilton House/Coexist is on the right hand side of Stokes Croft, just past the big mural of a woman’s head, about 300 metres from the roundabout. It is the un-missable old office block with the narrow forecourt and the big cafe on the ground floor.  You enter through the steps and double doors. Once inside, one of us should be there to greet you; if not, just tell the receptionist you need to get up to DMAC and they will let you though the internal door.

Driving / Parking In Bristol on-street parking is free on Sundays but dries up early. Please aim to search for on-street parking by latest 9:15.  These directions assume your satnav takes you down the M32 and then swings off the final roundabout (St James Barton) onto Stokes Croft (A38) very close to Hamilton House/Coexist, per the walking directions.  Programme this in your satnav if you can; however, any way at all your satnav takes you to the parking postcode is OK.  Incidentally, you know you are at the start of Stokes Croft because as you leave the roundabout  you drive UNDER an office block that spans over the road. This is unique and you can’t miss it. 

Suggested Sunday parking strategy: On-street parking, including single-yellow lines, is free on Sundays. But you have to park early, as it soon gets snapped up. (Do not park on double yellow lines, loading bays, disabled parking, private parking etc. The parking wardens are vigilant even on Sundays.) The following strategy has worked for me a hundred times or more:
Drive off the St James Barton roundabout, under the office block that spans the road, and onto Stokes Croft/A38.  After just 250 metres, you will see the internationally-famous street art of the woman’s head. Filter right and turn right at the traffic lights just before the mural  into City Road, and then IMMEDIATELY right again – don’t straighten up, it’s one tight, continuous hairpin bend – into Upper York St.

You’re now in an area where you can park. You’ll start to see parking bays and single yellow lines in Upper York St, with more if you turn left (direction Dean St)  into Wilder St.  Both bays and single yellow lines are all free on Sundays. However, they fill up early and we suggest you aim to look for parking by latest 9:15.  You should easily find free parking within 5 – 10 mins walk of Hamilton House.

Postcode BS2 8QH is a (random) building on the correct branch of Wilder St (ie the non-cobbled branch, leading to Dean St). So this is the suggested postcode to aim for. If the satnav takes you a different route to this postcode, that is OK. (If your satnav has followed my directions, you will turn left out of Upper York St into Wilder St, in the direction towards Dean St. Do not turn into the cobbled branch of Wilder St.)

I’ve never needed to do this, but you could in theory explore further down Wilder St to Dean St, turn right towards Portland Square, circle that, and circle back up Cave St.

If you instead want a parking garage, then Cabot Circus BS2 9AB is at the end of the M32 and is £18 for a full day and is 10 – 15 mins walk to Hamilton House/Coexist. Trenchard St BS1 5AN is a similar price and is 15 – 20 minutes walk.

(When you leave Bristol, you are now well-placed to access the M32. If for any reason you need to leave this parking area but not hit the M32, aim for the road called Backfields/Moon St and it will take you downs Stokes Croft and into the centre.)