Directions to St Michael’s Hall

The address is: St Michael’s Hall, Park Lane, St Michaels Hill, Bristol, BS2 8BE. It is close to Bristol Royal Infirmary. It does not work to put this postcode – BS2 8BE – into most satnavs.

So these directions for the last couple of hundred yards will be useful. They also show where to park.

Any questions: Islam Andrew White on 0117 955 0490

Coming down St Michael’s Hill from Cotham / Whiteladies Road. There is a traffic light junction at the bottom of St Michael’s Hill ie with Perry Rd ahead to your right, Upper Maudlin St and the Bristol Royal Infirmary ahead to your left. The stop line for the lights is set a long way back from the junction with these main roads. Lower Church Lane is the very tiny alley on your right immediately after the stop line for the lights. Turn right up this narrow mediaeval cart-track.

(#) Proceed along Lower Church Lane for 120 yards, then take first right up Old Park Hill.

($) Follow Old Park Hill, ignoring the two parking areas you see to your right. In around 80 yards Old Park Hill turns sharply right and on some maps it becomes Park Lane at this point. Proceed 75 yards further, until you come to a Tee junction which is basically a dead end, with a red brick wall and a road sign “Park Lane.” You have arrived. If you turn right in your car, you can go through the open black gates and park in the school playground.

One entrance to the hall is immediately to the left of the “Park Lane” sign. The other entrance is reached by walking into the playground/carpark and following the building all the way round to the left. We use one or both of these entrances depending on weather, etc.

Coming down Park Row / Perry St from the direction of The Triangle. The other end of Lower Church St runs left and steeply upwards from Park Row / Perry St about 150 yards before the traffic lights at the bottom of St Michaels Hill. Peel off left and after only about 30 yards, take the first left along Old Park Hill. Then follow ($).

Coming from the M32, your route will take you through the St James Barton roundabout at the city centre end of Newfoundland Way (all satnavs and eg the RAC website will do this automatically.) Steer for the Bristol Royal Infirmary. This will take you down Upper Maudlin St with the Bristol Royal Infirmary on your right (huge abstract sculpture of flowers). Be in the right hand lane and at the traffic lights after the BRI, turn right up St Michael’s Hill. Immediately, instantly, turn left into Lower Church Lane, then follow (#).


The entrance to the car park is by the letter “P” in the words “Park Lane”.
It does not seem to work to put the postcode – BS2 8BE – into a satnav.