Breathe Your Body Alive: a 3-day Osho Pulsation workshop with Aneesha Dillon, 19-22 April, 2018 in Dorset, UK

Let the body become more alive, and don’t be afraid. Those feelings are just the beginning of life and much more will happen, much higher than the body, but it will be rooted in the body. … start a love affair with your body. Osho

How alive can YOU be?

Think of the moments your body feels most alive – dancing, running, making love. What’s the maximum aliveness your body could feel?  And would you like to feel a subtle version of that aliveness as an undercurrent in your everyday life and activities? That’s one intention of this Osho Pulsation emotional release workshop.

Our aliveness and sexuality are held in check by unconscious tensions and buried painful emotions, hand in hand with limited breathing. When we breathe fully, first the emotions are released, then the aliveness streams freely though our body and we feel it as joy and delight and tantric energies. (Well, that’s the 30 second version!  For a complete explanation, see Aneesha’s book “Tantric Pulsation”, below.)

The buried emotions can be intense – that’s after all why they are trapped in the unconscious. Aneesha’s over 40 years of experience enables her to create a safe, secure workshop environment where the emotions are invited and made welcome rather than challenged or forced, and are safe to feel. The work is deeper and more healing as a result.

Pulsation restores a sense of wholeness by reclaiming the rejected and disowned feelings which we have pushed down into the unconscious, the ‘basement’ of our being. Through deep neo-Reichian breathing and direct ‘hands-on’ work to loosen the muscular armour, we tap into biological and instinctual layers which connect us with the life force itself. Once the inner pressure of unexpressed energies is released, a profound relaxation follows, deep into the core. We are able to settle into ourselves more easily in silence and meditation.

This workshop is for you if:-

  • You love feeling the vital aliveness of you body. And you’d like to experience what happens as your breath takes you further and deeper than you’ve gone before in feeling that vitality.
  • You want your sexual energy to be both wilder and also softer and more melting.
  • You’re stuck in your head, have lost contact with your body and have difficulty feeling your emotions
  • You feel stale, frustrated, de-energised or trapped in repeating loops of thoughts and feeling. And you’d like to safely release and feel and heal the buried pain and emotions that are holding your life back.
  • You have the feeling there must be more to life than this! There must be more to ME than this!
  • You have a goal, a dream but you’re scared to follow it
  • You are into Tantric work of any kind. Pulsation helps increase your emotional fluidity, a vital element of Tantra.
  • You want to explore the enlightened teacher Osho’s unique approach to meditation via therapy

This workshop is suitable both for those who’ve done lots of personal development, and for newcomers. That’s because it works with your own breath, and your breath meets you where you are today, and helps you move towards your own next step.

Benefits of Pulsation

Changes that Osho Pulsation participants report include

  • more pleasurable sexuality and sensuality
  • a sense of vitality and aliveness
  • freedom from old emotional baggage
  • more love, joy, trust and laughter
  • an expanded capacity to feel and express emotions
  • a looser and more relaxed body
  • deeper meditation and more silence

How does Pulsation work?

Pulsation has its roots in the breathing and body work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the maps he discovered  about the flow of life force energy in the body. Reich’s idea was that many psychological problems originated from a disturbance of the natural energetic functional process of charge and discharge that rules the spontaneous emotional release. Every time we block any expressive  impulse–for example when we contain our anger, swallow our fear, or tears, or we hide our sexuality–we put into action a powerful blocking system in the body that Reich has called muscular armor.

The largely unconscious effort of blocking feelings and holding energies inside creates tension in the body’s musculature, which in turn prevents a natural expressive flow of energy and feeling.  This tension can make us feel emotionally disconnected, psychologically fragmented and energetically divided against ourselves. Using deep breathing, direct ‘hands-on’ work and many different techniques to move the body, we loosen the muscular armor and with that loosening, the inner pressure of unexpressed energies can be released. The relaxation that follows spontaneous emotional release allows us to re-connect with inner wholeness, authenticity of expression, and the silence of Being.

The body does not lie

Here’s Aneesha speaking about the mechanism of repression. (With handy Russian translation. Starts near the end, full video here.)

Aneesha explains the correlation between the mind and the body. What affects the body affects the mind, and what affects the mind affects the body.  The psychological defences used to handle the pain and stress of life are also anchored in the body.  They appear in the body as unique muscular patterns (or armouring) that inhibit self-expression.

What is Osho Pulsation? What can I expect in these 3 days?

Aneesha developed Osho Pulsation by combining Osho’s depth meditation with the breathing therapy of Wilhelm Reich, as developed by Charles Kelley (Osho – Reich – Kelley).  Reich’s work has strong similarities to Osho’s Dynamic meditation (Reich – Dynamic).  The workshop will contain many varied and vivid breathing and bioenergetic exercises, dance, voice and Osho meditations. But the archetypal neo-Reichian breathing consists of lying on a mattress with your knees up and your feet flat on the ground, and simply breathing deep in your belly and up into your chest, allowing the  body to fill with life and to move spontaneously.

Perhaps the breathing is easy and delightful, or maybe stuck and blocked; perhaps  there are simply joyful movements, or maybe emotions arise.   But it is your own true breath of life.  It comes from a profound place within you and can be  trusted to carry you through blocks and contractions towards openness, freedom and joy.

Typically, the majority of the exercises are done either in your own space, like Osho Dynamic, or with a partner as a friendly supporting presence, for example to stretch with. There’s no interpersonal confrontation or encounter. There’s some self-paced sharing and exercises such as bioenergetics with a partner,  but no  emphasis on self-revelation or interpersonal risk-taking.  The overall climate of the workshop is an active-meditation atmosphere, just more and more  making friends with your breath and being carried where it wants to take you to, in the company of supportive others.

About Aneesha Dillon

Aneesha DillonAneesha Dillon is among the world’s leading workshop leaders, with a vast depth of experience. She is one of the individuals to whom Osho gave the use of his name to create Osho Therapy, and she is the founder of Osho Pulsation, a meeting of neo-Reichian breath- and body-work with meditation. Her profound methods have helped many thousands of people all over the world in more than 20 countries. She started her career in the UK in the 1970’s and has many friends in this country who know how deep, intense, safe and healing her work is. Aneesha works all over the world, but this is a very rare opportunity to work with her here in England. We’re delighted to welcome her back. Visit Aneesha’s website

Here’s Aneesha speaking about how she heard of Osho in England, and the links between Dynamic meditation and Reichian bodywork. (Full video here.)

Videos of Aneesha explaining  Osho Pulsation

Here are some more videos of Aneesha explaining about Osho Pulsation.  (In both Russian and English) and interviews with Aneesha.

Here’s a short clip from a video of Aneesha made at a February 2018 workshop in Poland (unlike our workshop, the Polish one was for women only). [Big thanks and credit to Udgita of  Polish Women of Power ]

Book: Tantric Pulsation by Aneesha Dillon

Tantric PulsationThis workshop is not tantric (except in the universal sense that existence is tantric) but in this book Aneesha explains her work step by step. You will get a very clear idea of the kind of exercises we will be doing in the workshop. She starts from the roots in how our aliveness is limited by emotional tensions in the muscular bands of the body (which correspond exactly to the chakras), how to work with that by breathing and by direct massage of the tensions, the links between emotional release and orgasm response, and how eventually the liberated energy becomes tantric delight.  Only the final chapter is about tantra. It’s readable and highly recommended if you’d like to know more.

Tantric Pulsation by Aneesha L Dillon .

 Basic workshop information

This 3-day residential Osho Pulsation workshop is Breathe your body alive  with Aneesha Dillon.
Date: 7:00 pm Thursday April 19 to 4:30 pm to Sunday April 22, 2018
Where: Gaunts House, Wimbourne, Dorset BH21 4JD

Gaunts House

Gaunts House is a beautiful country mansion and a leading venue for consciousness work. We have a fabulous group room with sprung wooden floor (no gongs though!  – see below) and will be served delicious vegetarian food.

Osho Pulsation Group Room
Nearest airports: London Gatwick and London Heathrow. Bristol is OK. London Stansted is an hour or more further by rail and only worth considering if you get a super-excellent flight.

Cost: (Extremely good value!)
In shared bedroom with 2 or 3 beds: £400 / earlybird only £350 on or before 31 March
In single room with shared bathroom: £445 / earlybird £395
In single room en-suite: £475 / earlybird £425
Note we are allocated only 10 single rooms by Gaunts, and first come, first served.

It is not possible to attend only part of the workshop. A little flexibility in start and end times may be possible.

Please also read Prerequisites and Disclaimer, below on this page.

Organised by: Islam Andrew White and Subhash.

[For the curious, the name Islam was given to me by Osho in the 1970’s and has no connection with the Islamic religion – an unusual name, I know!]

Book your place now  on or before 31 March and catch the early bird price.
Bookings and enquiries:  07528 302221
Please also read Prerequisites and Disclaimer, below on this page.

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Prerequisites and Disclaimer

This workshop involves dance and physical activity and needs suitable mobility.  Any questions, please do ask.

The language of the workshop is English. You need to speak FLUENT English, with no need of any translation.

There are no specific prerequisites. However, we anticipate that most participants will have either done Osho’s Dynamic meditation a few times, or  participated in for example a dance workshop or meditation retreat, or done some other  active meditation or some kind of therapy. If you’ve not done any of those things, or have any questions if this is right for you, please call Islam on 07528 302221 or email him at

This workshop, like all Osho workshops, is intended as life education for self-responsible adults who can be responsible for their actions at all times and who wish to grow and develop emotionally and spiritually. While it utilises techniques drawn from therapy, it is not intended as psychotherapy for mental health issues or support for those in crisis.

In particular, if you have been treated for, or believe you may be suffering from a psychological disorder or mental health issue, you may want to consider if you are in a position to participate in our workshops, events and exercises. If in any doubt, please contact Islam.

It is not possible to do only part of the workshop. However a little flexibility in start and end times may be possible, please enquire.

Feedback from previous participants


>>> “Aneesha is an amazing teacher and bodyworker. Not to be missed!”

Sarasi Rogers, constellations facilitator and trainer.


>>> “I have rarely felt so alive, and at the same time so safe and at ease in my own body, as when doing Pulsation with Aneesha. I think very few people have a gift like hers”

Moumina Jeffs, who leads and teaches workshops in Osho Pulsation, Osho Star Sapphire,  and family constellation.

>>> My experience with Aneesha and Pulsation

“A few years ago, I was in my customary undecided state about whether to join a particular workshop. It was a 3-week training for therapists that Aneesha was running in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune India – I just couldn’t commit so sneakily listened outside the door for the first morning and realised I just had to be inside doing the training. Aneesha laughed and let me in and boy was I glad she did! She taught us simple bioenergetic exercises which unleashed huge amounts of energy and emotions which had been stuffed down and controlled with 30 plus years of being a good English girl. I was fascinated to learn how the body’s musculature stores our traumas and emotions and how to support someone in releasing shock and tension safely.

“The thing I remember most was that every day Aneesha would do a demo session on one of the participants. She had just worked with a woman who was a ‘fear type’ and then looked over in my direction and beckoned. “Perhaps you’d better work with someone else for more variety as I think I’m also a fear type”, I offered helpfully. Again, the Aneesha smile, come on over and let’s see. I lay on the mat and within a minute or so of Aneesha poking about in my neck and I was sitting up staring her straight in the face, bristling with anger and hissing at her – I was an anger type! A few minutes later, I was lying on the mat and flipping like a dolphin as unimagined amounts of energy coursed through my body. It was wonderful! I felt all-powerful, incredibly alive and connected to my sexual energy.

“After that, I took every opportunity to work with Aneesha, whether it was a 2-hour tantric pulsation meditation (ecstatically blissful) or evening energy darshans with wild music where Aneesha held space and transmitted Osho’s energy. Aneesha is a rare, gifted, loving and fun therapist – don’t miss the chance of working with her and discovering your unique and powerful self!”
S.P, Marketing Consultant, Bristol, UK

>>> My experience with Aneesha Dillon over 40 years

andrew-white-hypnotherapist-psychotherapist-bristolOver 40 years I’ve had at least some experience of at least some version of just about every form of personal development therapy on the planet. The only one that I did in the 1970’s and continue to do now, is Osho Pulsation (it wasn’t called that then). I’ve found it a basic depth-meditation.

Emotional reality is that we routinely feel our lives driven or clouded by vague but powerful forces – unconscious emotions. And these are hard to deal with through simple mindfulness meditation. Osho’s Dynamic meditation directly addresses these body tensions but even that has limitations. I’ve found breathwork in general, and Pulsation in particular, to reach to the deepest places in a very safe way.

“Safe” is the operative word. You can find workshops that are unboundaried, over-enthusiastic, or not respectful of how different people are. On the other hand there’s an abundance of tepid, dilute workshops that don’t get to the core issues. My experience of Aneesha is that she has the magic gift of being safe yet intense at the same time. It’s that magic combination that I’ve found healing and transformative.

Islam Andrew White, Bristol, psychotherapist and meditation teacher and organiser of this workshop.

Aneesha’s Tantric pulsation group was a deep, powerful and very soft wave of bliss for me.

I connected to the subtle and sensitive part of me, becoming so intimate with the beauty myself, with the others, in nature, in the breath, in a single touch.

I also learned a great deal about what blocked me from being in this place more often in my life and after this workshop, I was drawn to finding out more about my breathing and the patterns that hold it from giving me more life and ecstacy.

Aneesha has a compassionate intelligence, a humerous kindness and is a very wise guide in this work. Thank you Aneesha, for opening new and precious doors in my body, breath, heart and being.

Deva Shanti, Body worker / Yoga Teacher/ Infant Developmental Movement Educator, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

>>>Is Osho Pulsation the same as Bioenergetics?

No. Osho Pulsation includes the use of bioenergetic exercises. In Osho Pulsation  we rediscover our feelings of aliveness by coming back into contact with the body, its natural sensitivity, energy and ‘juice’. We use neo-Reichian deep breathing to recharge the body with vitality, and bio-energetic exercises to loosen muscular blocks and help the bio-energy to flow again. Unexpressed feelings can come to the surface and be expressed through powerful bodywork and emotional release structures.

Through movement, dance, Chakra energy work, and meditation, we wake up to a new aliveness, a fresh sensitivity, and our natural expressiveness.

>>>My health and energy levels aren’t 100%. Will this workshop be too much for me?

There is no doubt that this is an energetic workshop! If you have very low energy levels and are easily fatigued, it may not be right for you. However, many people find that bioenergetics and breath work can restore energy levels perhaps not experienced since childhood. Repressing our emotions and pain requires a huge amount of energy, so why not let it all go and use all that energy for something more creative and fun!

AND, if you have a health condition, please check with your doctor before booking this group. Contact us with any queries and see also the Disclaimers.

>>>What if I’m afraid to feel my feelings?

Do you live in the UK by any chance? Remember all that about having a British stiff upper lip? Your body tells the story of your life. All the problems a person has are structured in his or her body. The basic problem that we have is that we are afraid to come alive and have feelings fully. The only way you can cut off feelings is to deaden your body. Dead bodies don’t feel. Getting back the feeling when we are so afraid of feeling can be a long but worthwhile road.

The problem we have is that our culture is not a body culture, it’s a head-oriented culture emphasizing thinking and power…feelings are the last thing to enter the picture in modern life. The more you’re in touch with your body, the more you’re in touch with yourself. Have you lost yourself? Real change is done below the level of consciousness i.e. it is done at the body level. When you change your body, you change your life. (Thanks to Alan Lowen, founder of Bioenergetics). Go on – let that lip wobble! You’ll feel so much better and more alive for it!

>>>Who is Osho?

Osho, an Indian mystic considered by many to be a modern Tantra master, works with life energy through his extraordinary and transforming Active meditations. His Tantra vision, wholly life affirmative, is rooted in acceptance, let-go, meditation, and celebration of life. This is a vision which embraces all human experience, from sex to superconsciousness.

>>>Do I need to have experience with Osho meditations?

No! The workshop is self-contained, and there is no expectation that participants will have further interest in Osho or his work (though of course Osho’s active meditations such as Dynamic Meditation are a brilliant way to support and deepen the discoveries you make.)

>>>What is Osho Dynamic Meditation?

This meditation is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind these prison walls. Read more…

For very comprehensive details see here.

Read Aneesha’s article: Pulsation and Dynamic Meditation

WARNING – This workshop may radically change your life!

One you begin to feel your emotions again and have more energy coursing through your body, the likelihood is that you’ll no longer be satisfied with a boring job, stale relationship, lack of money, nurturing friendships, creative projects and whatever else makes life worth living. There is a paradigm shift from living a make-do existence to being fully alive and expressive in the creative flow of life. Alive people are leaders not followers, taking responsibility for themselves and their environment. Be one of them!

One last thought…

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. (Anaïs Nin)


>>> Email Islam Andrew White at or call 07528 302221

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