About Osho

Osho is an extraordinary figure, a Gautam Buddha of this age. (Osho left His body in 1991 but said “never speak of me in the past tense.”)

Gautam Buddha laid out a scientific path towards enlightened counsciousness appropriate for the Indian mind in his age of the world. Osho (formerly called Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh) has done the same for the modern mind.

Uniquely among contemporary spiritual teachers, Osho has invented a wide range of distinctive meditation techniques specifically for the modern mind, the Osho Active Meditations. Osho made groundbreaking use of Western therapy techniques as part of the spiritual journey, and invented further “therapy meditations” half way between meditation and therapy.

He has spoken with depth and clarity about the steps on the path, and answered questions from disciples which are universal questions common to all meditators.

Again unique among spiritual teachers, Osho’s vision is not just of individuals enlightened, but the whole planet transformed by the understanding “I am not”. Perhaps no mystic in history, not even Gautam Buddha, has set themselves so great  a task.

In Osho’s vision, the old organised religions are false and stand discredited, imposing conditioning on the mind rather than bringing liberation, and belief plays no part whatsoever in His teachings. He spoke to bring down the roof of the temples of the old traditions and so was controversial for many and indeed hated by some.

At the same time he spoke to bring alive the teachings of many hundreds of spiritual teachers whose work, though vital and alive, is unknown or misunderstood in the modern world. There is a list at http://www.oshoworld.com/osho_now/speaks_mystics.asp

Osho loves Gautam Buddha and spoke more on Buddha than any other sage. However He says that Buddha’s vision is dry and lacks aliveness. Osho calls His own vision of transformed humanity “Zorba the Buddha” – the aliveness of Zorba the Greek allied with the transcendence of Gautam Buddha.

His work continues to deeply transform the lives of very many people around the world.