Adele, Lady Gaga, and Aneesha’s workshop in April

This post is a quick word to explain how two links below by Moumina and Agni connect to Aneesha Dillon’s Osho Pulsation workshop which we are running in April.

The “body reading” these two links talk about is derived from the same Reichian source which Pulsation originally comes from. Body reading is diagnostic and for understanding, Pulsation is for release and healing.  And Moumina and Agni illustrate their points with Adele, Lady Gaga etc.

Either way, you are dealing with the core structural emotions that define our personalities. It can be shocking to realise that our lives are lived from an emotional script, and that far from being unique, the broad pattern of our emotions is predictable, often from a mere glance at the shape of our bodies.  But, it is so. Happily when those core emotions are finally reached in therapy (it may not happen at once) then a  deep doorway to healing and meditation opens that is truly beyond the personality. Aneesha’s workshop works with these structural emotions and is a step on that journey.

Aneesha’s Osho Pulsation emotional release workshop April 2018

Moumina and Agni Body Types Reading part 1

Moumina and Agni Body Types Reading part 2

Note. These last two articles refer to an old training course in 2011. There is a new training course in Body Types in Portugal in November 2018. Details here:
and a Facebook event