Recommended book: Osho Therapy, compiled by Svagito

Osho Therapy, ed. Svagito


Osho Therapy, ed. Svagito pub Perfect Publishers Ltd ISBN 978-1905399-92-5   Savigo’s website:

One  of Osho’s many innovations is the use of Western-style therapy as a preliminary (only a preliminary!)  to meditation. He also invented several group-based methods, which he termed “meditation-therapies”, designed to live in the half-way place between therapy and meditation: Osho’s Born Again, No-Mind, and Mystic Rose meditative therapies.

Svagito has compiled an excellent book, describing many of these methods, by therapists who developed their work directly under Osho’s guidance, sometimes using techniches which he specifically entrusted to particular therapists. For example, he chose Leela to lead Mystic Rose and Amiyo to develop Gurdjieff Sacred movements.

So if you are interested in Osho’s work, this is an excellent readable resource to illuminate meditation from many viewpoints more initially familiar to the Western worldview. Chapters include:

Anando – Self Lve

Anubuddha – Arun Concscious Touch

Shunyo – Osho’s meditative methods

Leela – Mystic Rose, No-Mind, Born Again

Tarika – Conditioning and Counselling

Pratibha – Voicing

Aneesha – Pulsation (ie neo-Reichain / Radix bodywork)

Moumina – Body Reading and Body types

Premartha and Svarup – Childhood deconditioning, ie primal work

Dwari – Birth Integration

Svagito (Osho Family Constellation)

Krishnananda and Amana – Growth and intimacy

Vasumati – couples therapy

Devapath – Breath therapy

Turiya – Sexual deconditioning and tantra

Rafia – Inner man, inner woman

Sagarpriya – Male/Female energywork

Premananda and Prabodhi – Hypnotherapy

Meera-  Art therapy

Amiya – Gurdjieff Sacred movements

Ganga – Satori / Awareness Intensive