Dynamic in on break pending new venue. Wilder Studios have closed.

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Every month in 2019 (and we hope onwards) Osho meditation retreat weekend in Amersham at the amazing price of £120 including food and accommodation. 
It’s CHEAP! It’s GOOD! We’re FRIENDLY!  Feedback is BRILLIANT! So BOOK NOW! Details see osho-sakshi.co.uk

Dynamic meditation in Bristol will start again soon. Wilder Studios alas closed.   Jan 2019: DMAC dance studios at Hamilton House are continuing despite the closure of Co-exist. Currently (Jan 2019) we are waiting for DMAC to set up a new booking system in the near future (Co-exist used to do bookings) and will then continue Dynamic at DMAC. However DMAC is not perfect and if you know of better soundproof venue, please let me know.

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And just to remind you about the amazing resource at www.osho.com/library. Access to the books online is free. Videos etc are very cheap, a latte-per-month. We cannot recommend it too highly.

Want a good first introduction to Osho?

We suggest the compilation books Courage, Intimacy, Emotions, Intuition, Creativity, and Love, Freedom, Aloneness.

Savita’s excellent book of stories of life with Osho, and Svagito’s excellent book about Osho therapy, top of the list of books about, rather than by, Osho; see blogs posts below for details.

As for books by Osho – well, you choose!  Personally I think “My Way,  The Way of the White Clouds” is a good starting point. Osho outlines the framework of his system very clearly.

Love is another name for life, another name for existence, another name for god. Don’t condemn it, even if it exists on the lowest rung, because through condemnation you will not be able to transform it. Accept it as it is. Try to understand it. In that very understanding love starts changing: it starts going higher than lust. The more understanding grows, the higher love starts soaring. Love moves higher on the wings of understanding, on the wings of awareness, meditation.

Love plus meditation is equal to sannyas. Just make your love more and more meditative, wherever it is, and meditation will take it upwards. Meditation alone is without energy; love alone is without consciousness. They both need a co-operation, a deep co-operation.