Full version of the 29 Nov newsletter quote

This is the full version of the quotation in the newsletter. I think people prefer shortish email, so I didn’t want to put the full quote in the newsletter:

Life is a great challenge, an adventure into the unknown, an adventure into oneself, and adventure into that which is. If you live an unconscious life, if you simply exist, you will always remain afraid of death. Death will always be just somewhere near the comer, hanging around you. Only life goes beyond death.

Existence comes, disappears. It is given to you, taken away. It is a wave in the ocean… arises, falls back, disappears.

But life is eternal. Once you have it, you have it forever. Life knows no death. Life is not afraid of death. Once you know what life is, death disappears.

If you are still afraid of death, know well — you have not known life yet.

Death exists only in the ignorance — in the ignorance of what life is. One goes on living. One goes on moving from one moment to another, from one action to another, completely unaware what one is doing, why one is doing, why one is drifting from this point to that point.

If you become a little meditative, many times in a day you will catch hold of yourself completely drifting unconscious.

The whole effort of religion is to make you aware of your existence.

Existence plus awareness is life eternal — what Jesus calls life in abundance, what Jesus calls the kingdom of god.

That kingdom of god is within you. You have already the seed within you. You just have to allow it to sprout. You have to allow it to come in the sunlit world of the sky, to become free, to move in freedom, to move higher and higher, to touch the very infinity. It is possible to soar high — but the basic thing is awareness.

Osho Nirvanva, the Last Nightmare.

Poetry evening with Tanmayo

Here is an invitation from Tanmayo for those interested in poetry to come together for an evening of readings and communion. He writes:-

For a number of years I have been putting words together and tentatively
called them poetry.

Whilst most of this has been private I have read some to friends and
have been encouraged by their responses.

I also find that I am not alone is my “writing”

I now find myself drawn to be a bit more public and to be more open to
receiving feedback.

I thought about a creative writing class or going to an open mike
session and concluded that I would prefer,. at least as a start, to host
a space where I and others could read their own poetry.

If this was successful it could turn into a regular slot or grow into
something else.

I thought about just inviting local friends but decided in the interests
of spontaneity and trust to widen the invite list. I have also included
people who live in the south west outside Bristol.

So if you write or have written what you call poetry I am inviting you
to come for a couple of hours starting at 7pm on an evening in January to be arranged, to my home in Leigh Woods, Bristol and read out one or more poems you have written.

If this appeals to you give me a call or email to discuss coming.


Phone – 0117 974 3488

Emailm.murrayclark@btinternet.com <mailto:Emailm.murrayclark@btinternet.com>

December 11th – Meditation day AND Birthday celebration evening

Hi everyone,

This month we have on December 11th both an Active Meditation day and an Osho Birthday celebration in the evening. Wonderful to see you at both!

(1) The Active Meditation day. For practical details, see as always the Dates, times, location, parking, cost etc for all meditation days link. Questions? Ring me on 0117 968 7307 or email premislam@yahoo.co.uk

As ever, the meditation day is almost guaranteed to make almost everyone feel a whole lot brighter, calmer, and more connected with their inner self.

(2) The Osho Birthday Celebration. This is organised by Shanti. Here is the invitation she’s emailed out – please say “Hello, and welcome to this wondrous life” to Indra, her very very new baby.

Osho birthday celebration in Bristol

When: December 11th 2010 7:30 – 10 pm

Where: Wild Goose Space, 228 Mina Road, Bristol BS2 9YP.  For a map of how to find the venue, see http://wildgoosespace.org.uk/index.php?/Contact-Wildgoose-Space/WildGoose-Space.html

Cost: £3-00.    If you come to the meditation day and pay the full price  of £22-50 [see practicals page ] then entry to the birthday celebration is FREE.

More information: Satyen 0794-4187055

Meditation day Nov 13, St Michael’s Hall

The next meditation day is Saturday Nov 13th, at St Michaels Hall. See the “Dates, times etc” link at the top left for practical details. This day will be run by Suvarna as I am away assisting in one of Moumina’s workshops.

As ever, Osho’s wonderful combination of emotional release, dance,
movement and silence is almost guaranteed to make almost everyone
feel really great. I’m even now still amazed how different I feel
after doing a day like this, and I’m sorry to be missing this
month. But have a great day, and I’ll see you in December.