Community, love and meditation (I) – “The Music of Life” with Presence

As the impresario who brings Presence to Bristol – as the Sergei Diaghilev who will one day book Presence into Colston Hall – as the veritable Lew Grade of Bristol meditation music – I’ve got news of some changes which I feel very excited about.

During 2010 we’ve had a couple of days of meditation in Bristol with live music by Presence. They were beautiful days; and yet, I felt they didn’t realise their full potential.

So I talked with Surabhi and Tarisha about doing something different. One thing we felt was missing was the need which all of us have for connection and community. After all, one of the things which make “the Osho method” unique is Osho’s emphasis on the interplay between love and meditation, between aliveness and stillness. We realised that Presence’s expression is about both love and meditation.

In the end we decided that the days with Presence (the next one, The Music of Life,  is Saturday October 23rd) need to be something more like a community gathering, and with an interplay between silence (Surabhi) and connection (Tarisha.)  Those of you who’ve been to celebrations at Croydon Hall may know the very soft and beautiful ceremonies which Tarisha often leads as the closing event.  Ceremonies like these will be her contribution to the Music of Life days: gentle but deep heart-centered connection.

The new format feels to me to have a big, big potential. We want it to really focus on meditation, and reconnect people with their inner journey. At the same time we want it to be something which non-meditators can relate to, so it will be easy to invite your friends. We want it to be a nourishment for all of us as meditators living in the marketplace. And your feedback will help shape the direction we go in.

The printed flyer reads:

Presence are a group of musicians with a passion and a gift for creating music for meditation and for bringing people together. This day will include both silent meditation and active/dancing Osho Meditations, as well as times to connect and share with one another. The live music will weave its way through all aspects of the day supporting both the silence, the coming together and the celebration. We offer a safe space to open up and try something new. Please bring food to share for lunch.”

So come along on Saturday October 23rd, and invite your friends! Bring food to share for lunch.

There is a special offer: only £40  if you do both the regular meditation day on Oct 9th and this day on Oct 23. (So if you pay £22-50 on Oct 9, then on Oct 23, you pay only £17-50.) Click here for location, cost, times,  etc

… my whole teaching consists of two words, “meditation” and “love.” Meditate so that you can feel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, you have learned the greatest thing in life. Osho

Introduction to Active Meditations Saturday Oct 9th

Hi everyone,

Just for this one day on Saturday  October 9th, we are returning to the “old” schedule with dynamic at 8:00 am sharp to 9:00 am (arrive by 7:45 sharp if not done it before or not very often).  The rest of the day will start at 9:30 sharp.

This will allow us to meet the needs of both regulars and people who are coming for the first time. The rest of the day will be basically similar to normal. EVERYONE old and new is very welcome.

For more about Active Meditations and for practical information, please see the links on the top left. Don’t hesitate to ring me with any questions, on 0117 968 7307 (which is where the permanent number, 0845-3510604, currently rings.)