Directions to DMAC / Coexist / Hamilton House


DMAC  is  located within Hamilton House.

DMAC UK, InAlignment Studios, 4th Floor, Hamilton House, 80, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS5 3QY

As you walk up from the city centre, Hamilton house is the old office block with the forecourt and the big cafe on the ground floor, on the right hand side of Stokes Croft. You can’t miss it. You enter DMAC through the entrance lobby filled with event leaflets to the right of the cafeteria. Ring the entryphone for DMAC to go through the inner doors.

Allow plenty of time to park and please arrive early. It is not possible to enter once the first meditation has started. (Apart from anything else, we simply can’t hear the entryphone.)

One-way note: If you drive  down Goucester Rd towards the city centre and want to turn left, then Ashley Rd is your last chance to do so, as Hepburn Rd is a tiny pokey alley which may be blocked, and City Rd is No Left Turn. If you drive past City Road, you have to swing round the St James Barton roundabout, come back up Stokes Croft, and turn right into City Rd.