We’re going to do Osho’s dynamic, gibberish (no-mind) and laughter meditations in rotation. No-mind and Laughter are very useful, easy flexible formats, easier to do at home and in a shorter time than Dynamic.

Please arrive a few minutes early – by 9:50 latest.

Click here to be on the mailing list. Or ring: Annie on 07979 201948 or Islam on 0117 955 0490. For location etc see the “Wilder St practical page” in the menu on the left.

And just to remind you about the amazing resource at www.osho.com/library. It’s very cheap, a latte-per-month, and we cannot recommend it too highly.

this is Public Temporary technical test post Aug 5 2015

Welcome to a unique, never-before experiment in Osho’s world. Where are YOU at with Osho? We’d love to know – anonymously.

Suppose you could speak to Osho today and, from the depths of your heart, ask a question. What would you ask? If you could tell Him something you really need to say, what would that be?  For a forthcoming festival workshop we would love to know where people in their heart of hearts are at with Osho today. Tell us, right now, anonymously, online. It’s open to everyone.


One of the mini-workshops for our December 2014 Osho Festival ‘Roots of Meditation, Wings of Love’ (Dec 11 evening to Dec 14, details) is called “(Disturbing Your) Life With Osho”. Whether you are attending the festival or not, we’d love YOUR questions,  and also Osho quotes which have touched you. We also have a great book  on life with Osho to recommend (below.)

The mini-workshop, led by Madhuri and Islam, will include a sharing circle based on the online poll to share things about being with Osho that touch you or have turned your life upside down, or to ask questions. (If you wish, you don’t have to speak.)

But with a difference! We’d love to know what’s really, really going on with people. It’s hard to share your deepest heart with strangers. So we are making a way to ask questions anonymously. This is a unique experiment. We’d love to hear YOUR real, behind-the-mask, from-the-heart truth.

This link will take you to an online survey where you can contribute without anyone knowing who said what: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6JRJQCP

If you are coming to the festival there will be another opportunity to contribute, also anonymously if you wish.

And we extend the warmest invitation to the festival. With live music for satsang and Evening Meeting meditations and a varied programme of innovative and playful workshops this is a great way for old friends and those new to Osho to come together in celebration and silence.

Finally an excellent book has just been published of people’s anecdotes about life, often exceedingly disturbed, with Osho, called Encounters With An Inexplicable Man by Savita Brandt. There’s some fascinating new material (not least what Osho said to gay sannyasins in private). It’s as good as a set text for this mini-workshop, and highly recommended. In the UK it’s available from www.bellsmedia.com (under “Others”).

Hoping to see you at the festival

Islam and Madhuri

I just read an excellent book. It’s edited by Savita, who’s English but lives mostly in Pune so not too many people know her. It’s called “Encounters with an inexplicable man: stories of Osho as told by his people”.

And very good stories some of these are. Many add new information about what Osho said and did that’s significant to have published, for example, some things he said privately to sannyasins who were gay. There’s behind the scenes followup to at least one famous “discourse hit”, and guidance Osho gave to a teenager which shouldn’t have surprised me, but still did.

Along the way the book explains why Osho needed so much dentistry – apparently when He was young Osho ate experimental foods so much that He ground His teeth down! The story of how Osho gave a hit to Devageet, His dentist, really, really shocked me. Osho was either a madman, or His actions arose from a far deeper place than any of us comprehend. The conclusion as to which is, as always, for each reader to make for themselves.

The book is very well edited, with enough intellectual distance to lay out a clear picture of events, but without leaving the world of the devotional, of the bhakti – there is no possible way to explain Osho from an intellectual perspective, and books that try are doomed to fail.

I recommend this book both to those new to Osho and those who met Him long ago. Its available in the UK for 15 euro from Bellsmedia.com . (Many of us knew Rajen, who died a year or so ago. Bells is the company he founded, today run by his daughter Laura.)

The link is:   http://www.bellsmedia.com/shop/products.php?StoriesOsho&cPath=43 or if that doesn’t work, go to www.bellsmedia.com and the book is under the “Others” category.

Finally, I never miss any opportunity to recommend the wonderful (though with limitations) free tool to browse all Osho’s books, and buy inexpensively in print, audio and video: www.osho.com/library – the most important link on the internet.

My website hosts went out of business and I had to move the site to a new host. On the way  the links got lost. So if you are looking for the link to the Osho Festival of Silence and Celebration, it is HERE:



Hi everyone,

This is basically to announce an evening with Madhuri, introducing her newly-developed self-healing process. Madhuri is one of Osho’s oldest Western sannyasins and has just come to live in the UK. She’s also sister of Sarita the tantra teacher who many of you know. However the evening also has additional – optional – house-moving elements, please see below.

Date is Thursday April 11, at Islam’s and Kamla’s flat near the water tower at Clifton Downs. Please arrive by 8:15 LATEST for PROMPT start at 8:30 pm. (House-move times earlier, see below.)

Madhuri has been with Osho from the earliest days. A writer,  crystal healer, session-giver of multiple flavours, and a hugely gifted psychic, coming to the UK is the latest episode in a life filled with  adventures (see her website,  http://madhurijewel.com/). You can read more about her self-healing method at  http://www.oshonews.com/2011/12/self-healing-madhuri/. She says the evening will be “some dance, a lively talk, maybe a guided meditation.”

Madhuri and Islam and planned this date for a long time, based around Madhuri’s travel arrangements. Then unexpectedly Islam’s landlord decided to sell his flat, so on the date of the event the flat will be full of boxes. Therefore, to create space for the evening to dance and indeed to sit down, Islam welcomes help beforehand carrying boxes down to the garage! You can arrive anytime from 4:30 on, but even if you arrive at 7:30 and just carry one or two boxes, that will still be very helpful.

Islam will provide a “solid snack” for anyone who arrives so early they miss their dinner. If you might be coming, email Islam on premislam@yahoo.co.uk for detailed directions. It’s easy to get to within 50 yards of the flat, not so easy to find the front door.

Other questions: Islam 0117 968 3193 or Kamla 07980 372776.

Islam says that Madhuri is someone with a very clear understanding of Osho’s work, and really worth meeting. Both he and Kamla have had memorable sessions from her.  He also guarantees “lively”!

With love


Hi everyone,

The meditation days will continue in 2013 as now, but they will be at Wilder St Studios.

Meditation days in 2013: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm on Sundays

Feb 17

April 14

June 9

Aug 18

Oct 13

Dec 15

Next Sunday 19th we’ll start at 10:30 (sharp!!!!) not 10:00.

See you there


We now have the following CONFIRMED dates in 2012. They are all Sundays.

Feb 26
!!!! CHANGED !!!! Not now April 15, instead now APRIL 29th. We were requested to make this change to help sort out an error with another group had made in booking the hall.
June 24th
Aug 19
Oct 21
Dec 16



This weekend there is a meditation day on Sat Dec 10, starting 10 am PROMPT with dynamic – see practical information page for other details. Any questions: Islam 0117 968 7307

AND on Sunday Dec 11 there is a celenration:

Osho Birthday Celebration

11th December 2011

We’ll be gathering to meditate, celebrate, dance, sing and be together
Everybody, of every age welcome!

4.30pm-6.30pm (Satsang starts 4.45pm)
Cost £4

@ Wild Goose space in the self build site
228 Mina road (near St Werburgh’s Farm)
St Werburghs

Info: Shanti 07875151582 or Satyen 07944187055
P.S. Feel free to pass this email on to friends…..

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